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Simple Custom Tips In Making Thank You Cards For Teachers Fast

Do you want to show your strong appreciation to a teacher?

Is it that time when you move on to another class or have they just gone the extra mile for you and you want need to show your appreciation?

Here is a quick guide on how to build your own message of gratitude in a printed, fun, way. Be creative in this.

Look for a Message

More than the design, the message that comes with thank you cards for teachers makes the difference. You can buy a pre-made card from bookstores, but they won’t be unique as your teacher may have received the same card with the same message throughout his or her years of teaching.

Numerous options make it possible to get the best note for your teacher. The most common option is to look for quotes available online. Simply type “thank you card quotes for teachers” or other similar keyword syntaxes then choose from the rest of available quotes online. You can read the quotes that fit the things you want to say to your teacher. Copy the messages that you like then choose the best one later.

If you want to express a custom message, write down multiple messages for thank you cards then pick one and add it into your card. This can be the best message because no one will have the message you wrote on the card. This process also removes cliche sayings and typical writings and it would make your message stick out in your teacher’s mind.


Think of a Design

Thinking for a card design can be a bit of challenge for some people. But, there are other ways that will help you attain your dream design. One is you can base your design according to the message. Some messages have special words that will give you an idea of the perfect design. Use these designs for thank you cards for teachers. Another easy way is by looking for design inspiration online.

Numerous card designs can be used as a base for your design. With proper research, you can also find some free downloadable templates that can be useful for designing. A great place to get design elements is Creative Market.

Personal illustrations can add a great touch. If you’re ok to novice you can try it but I would focus on quality as much as personalization. If you’re confident sketch your teacher’s picture or make a caricature version of them. Teachers will be extremely happy seeing your skills displayed through your cards. Use colorful materials or simple pens or pencils to get your drawings ready.

Aside from the main thank you cards for teachers, you also need to think about other card elements that will give your card design a boost. For example, a good envelop, some scrapbook detailing, and audio modules will definitely give you a unique card.

Find the Elements Needed for Your Design

Now that you have the design in mind, start looking for the elements or materials that you need to use. For printed cards, look for photos online that you can use for your design. You will now find multiple photos that suit your design perfectly. Don’t worry about using these photos because they for personal use and not something to use for business. Photos range from actual photographs or clip arts.

Take note to edit your cards accordingly to see the results that you need.

Want to be fancy? Look for scrapbooking materials in bookstores or crafting stores. You will find a good pack of scrapbooking sets with different elements that will look great on thank you cards for teachers. They are also cheap in price so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Drawing on thank you cards for teachers require a good paper or cardboard and drawing materials and tools. Look for these tools online or at your local bookstore. Be sure to buy something that you can use for a long time, especially if you plan to train your skills. For fancier cards, look for special modules available in stores.

Try Something Unique

These modules like audio modules are the accessories that make your card “sing” or produce sounds. Placing them in cards can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not that skilled in using your hands for handicraft. But if you still want to try it, you can now find different guides that will help you embed these special modules. Follow the directions and you should easily get the job done. As a reminder, be sure to start planning your thank you cards for teachers as early as possible to get the materials early.

Add in pop culture icons or images from your teacher’s favorite TV show. Draw or print them out yourself. Remember to think of quality. If you’re printer isn’t that good head over to Staples for a better print job and card stock for quality paper. Using an icon for instance you can look up the Facebook “thumbs up” icon and add it into your card. Google search it and print out a high quality version of it. Then tape/glue it on the card. If you’re familiar with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop you can digitally add it in too.

The last thing to check is the envelope that you will use for the card. You can buy special envelopes in bookstores or look for online craft experts who are printing special envelopes. You can get them in a pack of 10s or 5s in bookstores, which can be useful if you want to give cards to multiple teachers.

Get Your Work Done

Once you have these materials on hand, you can start making your card. You can opt to place the text first at your preferred areas of the card or the embellishments.

You’re not limited to placing the message on the right page of the card. Place the texts to areas that you prefer. In placing the message, you can have it printed directly on the card or have it printed in a different paper then cut. The cut message shall be pasted on the card itself. In doing this, you may want to design the edges first before pasting. Common strategy is by using smoke or first to give that old paper look. Just be sure to keep yourself safe in doing this procedure to prevent burning your hands. Once you have the text in place, you can place all the other design elements. Paste scrapbooking pieces, add other embellishments, or color specific areas of the card to complete its look.


Make an educator happy by giving them thank you cards for teachers. But if you’re having a problem with designing and making your card, download one of our card package below. We are experts in designing, laying out the template, and completing your card. Send them your message, preferred design, or get ideas from them to come up with the best cards that your teacher will remember and keep for life.